Review of Barbara Taylor’s ‘The Last Asylum’ for the Lancet

May 10, 2014


Here’s my latest Lancet piece, a review of Barbara Taylor’s memoir The Last Asylum – A Memoir of Madness in our Times.    

Promoting sexual awareness with Sense About Sex

April 18, 2014


Through media and charity work, I’ve been promoting sexual awareness for a number of years. Media portrayal of sexual subjects can be, with some exceptions, at best lacking, often judgemental and unhelpful, and at worst harmful. Anyone looking for help online or in the press might rapidly become confused. It’s not, therefore, surprising that people embraced 50 Shades of […]

Review of Philomena in The Lancet – and a reminder about language

January 11, 2014


I wrote a review of the film Philomena in the Lancet, towards the end of last year.  I put it out on social media the other day. Someone commented that they liked the review until they got to this bit: A baby born in an atmosphere of condemnation and shame, attended to by a rotating […]

In the Telegraph this week, talking about therapy

January 4, 2014


Here’s me in the Daily Telegraph this week, talking about therapy in some very good company. CONSIDER COUNSELLING Tania Glyde, counselling therapist and coach at London Central Counselling: If your Christmas was less than perfect, for reasons that seem to be repeating themselves, but you are finding change impossible, it might be worth considering therapy. […]

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Psychotherapy, counselling, coaching – my new website

August 14, 2013


Finally, it’s here. My new website, London Central Counselling. If you’re looking for psychotherapy, counselling, or coaching in central London, please email me here or call me on 07462 054 503. What do you need to talk about? You might be in crisis right now, or you might be wondering why something in your life […]

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Endings and beginnings

December 31, 2012


This is very possibly my last post on this blog. Big changes are happening. There will be another blog, and another site, not too far down the road. I started this site five years ago when my last book, Cleaning Up, came out. Thank you for sticking around. It’s been a sometimes tough but fascinating […]

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Damien Hirst at Tate Modern – don’t judge him by today’s standards

July 9, 2012


This is my first blog post in about six months. There’s a reason for this. Something very unpleasant happened to me a year ago which has had a fairly devastating effect on my creative work. This has leached through over time and it’s only with hindsight that I’ve realised just how damaging it’s been. I […]

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