Social Media – Toxified by Rage (Lancet Psychiatry)

October 8, 2014


This month I’ve been writing about social media and rage for the Lancet. It’s a subject I’ve discussed many times with friends.

‘Two Days, One Night’ review in the Lancet

September 19, 2014


Here’s my review of the film Two Days, One Night for the Lancet.

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Review of ‘God’s Pocket’ in the Lancet

August 29, 2014


God’s Pocket, starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christina Hendricks, John Turturro.  

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Lancet feature: therapy and ‘wanting to be normal’

August 9, 2014


My Lancet piece about therapy and ‘wanting to be normal’ is finally out. It’s had some lovely comments already and I’m really glad it’s rung some bells for people. While thinking about cultural norms for the piece, I was reminded of an especially horrible example of advertising that I saw in a cinema in the early 90s. […]

Lancet review of ‘The Sober Truth’

July 27, 2014


I reviewed Lance Dodes’ The Sober Truth, which is a critique of AA and the 12 Steps. The stuff that goes on in expensive US clinics is just eye-popping.  

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Review of Barbara Taylor’s ‘The Last Asylum’ for the Lancet

May 10, 2014


Here’s my latest Lancet piece, a review of Barbara Taylor’s memoir The Last Asylum – A Memoir of Madness in our Times.    

Promoting sexual awareness with Sense About Sex

April 18, 2014


Through media and charity work, I’ve been promoting sexual awareness for a number of years. Media portrayal of sexual subjects can be, with some exceptions, at best lacking, often judgemental and unhelpful, and at worst harmful. Anyone looking for help online or in the press might rapidly become confused. It’s not, therefore, surprising that people embraced 50 Shades of […]


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