Clever Girl

My first novel, Clever Girl, was published by Picador in 1995. It was nominated in 2000 by Cosmopolitan as one of the top 25 books of the last quarter century.

clever-girl-150pix.jpgA stunning debut novel. (New Statesman and Society)

Pungently written and luridly funny. (The Daily Telegraph)

Blackly funny and imaginative. (Literary Review)

An impressive range of tone, funny and tragic, heavy as lead one minute and light as feathers the next. (The Independent)

An edge that sets her apart from her peers and will prompt comparisons to the work of Bret Easton Ellis … Daring and original.
(Books Magazine)

It also sparked off an entertaining debate in the press. Graham Lord, a judge for the 1996 Betty Trask Prize for ‘first novels of a romantic or traditional nature’, wrote a diatribe in the Daily Mail about how ‘this gentle literary genre has been hijacked by purveyors of coarse sex.’ He listed the main offenders, the books by young women writers that he considered to be ‘foul-mouthed’, ‘depraved’, and ‘squalid,’ and, to my great joy, nominated Clever Girl as the worst of the lot. I could not improve on the following:

‘The overall Trask Prize for Sleaze must go to 28-year-old Tania Glyde’s Clever Girl, which manages to mention in the first few pages a dog’s sexual excitement, dildos, various body fluids, child abuse, loveless sex, lavatory paper, and not to mention a girl’s irresistible lust for a Habitat pottery lamp, a blasphemous ‘joke’ about the Christ Child and various other things too crude to reprint. And that was only up to page 47, at which I threw Ms Glyde’s nasty little book across the room.’

No writer could ask for more. (Find Clever Girl on Amazon.)