Junk DNA

My second novel, Junk DNA, was published by Brighton-based Codex Books, a really excellent independent publisher, in 2000.

junk-dna-150pix.jpgEnergetic, explosive and strangely fascinating. The literary equivalent of a Manga movie. (The Big Issue)

The themes of genetic engineering and the precocious nature of modern children definitely ring true. Startling stuff. (She)

Glyde’s cynical humour seeps through this bleak tale, which does nothing to spare those who fear experimentation. (The Times)

There are few writers working today that can make such an intelligent link between art, science and technology. (The List)

The energetic narrative, black humour and vast imagination of the author makes for a fascinating read. (Buzz)

I call this book my indie release. It was mentioned on a number of sci-fi sites. At the time I wrote it, I was feeling very disturbed about the power of children, and also wondering what will happen when we know everything there is to know about the history, and future, of our own bodies, and therefore everyone else’s.

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