In 2017 I am running trainings on Gender and Sexuality in the therapy room, and other related topics. London Sex and Relationships Therapy offers a number of trainings – if I am not available, one of my colleagues should be.


I have facilitated Death Cafés and other spaces where people connect. I have assisted at a number of sex-positive workshops in the UK and Ireland.


I’ve done a lot of radio interviews about my life and books, live and pre-recorded.

I produced and presented my own live radio show and podcast, Midnight Sex Talk, on Resonance 104.4 FM. With my radio partner Kim Morgan, we started the show because there was nothing on the radio at the time, (or the telly, for that matter), in the UK or anywhere else, that dealt with sex and sexuality the way we wanted to see it done. It’s great to see how things have moved on.

Public speaking

I have given talks on addiction. My favourite part is the intimacy of a good Q&A. I’ve done a lot of public readings from my books since I was first published. Once upon a time I used to do poetry on pub stages.