I’ve done many kinds of writing, from copywriting to performance poetry.

The Lancet

I’ve been writing essays and reviews for the Lancet since 2013 and Lancet Psychiatry since it was founded in 2014. The Lancet is a very long-established weekly peer-reviewed medical journal with global reach. The Lancet Psychiatry is a speciality journal, published monthly.

You can find everything I’ve written for them here.

Private practice blog

My blog at London Central Counselling aims to present therapeutic and related life issues in an accessible way. I have also created a directory of low-cost therapy services in the London area.

Agony Aunt

I was Time Out‘s Sex Talk agony aunt for two years, and before that had a sex advice column in Esquire.


I am not afraid to use my own life experience to give depth to my work, and have written frankly about personal situations when I think it might help illustrate an issue, or be of help to others. My favourite subjects are, very broadly, sex and health.

My freelance journalism (mainly features, reviews and columns) has appeared in a number of national publications over the years, including Time OutGuardian, Independent, New Statesman, Independent on Sunday, Times, Irish Independent, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Red, Scarlet, Erotic Review, Fabric, Times Literary Supplement, Literary ReviewDiva, and Esquire.

In my early 20s I was a trainee reporter on a national newspaper, did shifts in various newsrooms, and was a reporter/sub on an English language publication in Istanbul.